Meaning of the "Hamsa" (Khamsa) Hand
Meaning of the "Hamsa" (Kha...
The Hamsa symbol represents protection, good fortune, blessings, faith, and strength. In some cultures, the fingers depict different meanings - when the fingers are spread apart, it is a symbol of protection against evil and negative energy, while when the fingers are together, it is to bring good luck and blessings.
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4 Myths and Facts You Didn’t Know About Ramadan
4 Myths and Facts You Didn’...
When celebrating a traditional holiday with a history of many years, it is easy to modernize or lose touch of how it was originally celebrated. Here are five myths and facts that you might not know about Ramadan.
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Traditional Dishes Eaten at Passover
Traditional Dishes Eaten at...
When celebrating Passover, a certain Jewish ceremonial dinner called Seder is made during the first couple nights of this important holiday. 
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Tunisian Culture embedded in Star Wars: Tataouine & Tatooine
Tunisian Culture embedded i...
A city called Tataouine, located in Southern Tunisia has more secrets than you think. This city has been an attraction for all Star War fans since the first film was made there. 
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Meaning of Berber symbols and designs
Meaning of Berber symbols a...
Throughout history, Baber tribes scattered throughout North Africa in the Mediterranean sea have believed in the notion that placing symbols across certain home decoration items like rugs, lamps and ceramic dishware helps with the flow of positive energy throughout the household. 
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