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About us at Kamsah

From its founding in 2015 by two brothers from Tunisia, Kamsah’s interior design works have been inspired by the tried and tested traditions of local artisans across the globe. Our original interior design accents  aim to offer peace, authenticity and a mindfulness of global responsibility in the home or wherever the journey takes you.

Our brand is new, but our roots are deep. Since the ancient Greeks and Romans first saw the five-fingered hand as a sign of protection almost three thousand years ago, bringing its wearers happiness, peace, and prosperity, the Kamsah symbol has become iconic throughout the Mediterranean and the world. We see it as a symbol of our commitment to match the handcrafted traditions of our artisans with your interior design needs.


We’ve scoured the countryside to find pieces that fit our commitment to sustainable and worthwhile interior design pieces. Our rationale is simple: We believe that the touch of smiling artists outweighs the monotony of mass production. As we grow, we envision a platform where local enterprise can reach the world with their own, original interior design products, and where you can find something worth being proud to own.

We see the lives of those who create our products as important as the works themselves. To ensure this vision, we partner with local groups to educate and empower new generations with the skills and confidence needed to realize dreams of self-reliance and build within their communities.

To be mindful of the past is to be aware of the present. To be aware of the present is to shape the future. To create superior interior designs the ancestors would be proud of is to protect a quality of life for the ages. That is the Kamsah way.


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