Kamsah Supreme Bohemian Red Handmade Ceramic Tagine Pot

This tagine cooking pot by Kamsah is great for serving dishes at parties! These colorful dinnerware sets are made for both cooking and serving using the Morocco method. The base of the tagines cookware is wide and shallow, helping to form a tight seal and allowing steam to rise and condensation to fall back over the food. With this Moroccan ceramic pottery you will not only be able to entertain guests by cooking flavorful and great tasting food from Morocco or any other cuisine of your liking, you’ll also be able to serve it right in the versatile serving dish.

– Color: Bohemian Red
– Material: Ceramic
– Made up of one base and one lid (that has an easy to lift handle)
– Each tagine has a conical top that measures a height of 10″ and a base of 10”.
– Tagine pot can be used for a variety of different foods
– Fair trade, handmade tagine pot


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