Handmade Olive Wood honey Pot Jar with Dipper Stick Spoon

Beautiful Handmade honey Jar with a dipper made of Olive wood.
Made from olive wood with a traditional design, this Jar will help you to perfectly drizzle a light and even amount of delicious honey into your tea or your breakfast/dessert without leaving a mess.
Rather than a spoon, the honey dipper will evenly and consistently spread honey over the top of your pastry. The wood finish effectively waterproofs itself, allowing foods and liquids to easily fall off rather than soak into it.
Being made from olive wood, this utensil is naturally antibacterial and will last for ages.

H: 5.5″
W: 3″

Open the honey jar steady and slow, submerge the dipper and twist to let honey stick to the dipper’s grooves on all sides. Take the dipper out and twist again over whatever food you’re sweetening. To put in tea, dip the whole thing in a cup of hot water and swirl.

Wash with warm water with regular soap. If it ever looks dry, use pure Olive oil. Just a little dab on a paper towel will be sufficient.

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