Country Chicken Curry

(Country chicken/ noty kodi pulusu/ curry)

This recipe is simple and authentic

For marination
2lb country chicken which washed well.


2tsp of turmeric, 2tsp of salt, 2tsp of red chili powder, 4tsp of oil, 2tsp of coriander powder and 2tsp of garam masala and marinate it for at least 4hours

Now for paste
Grind 3 onions,4 garlic cloves,2-inch ginger, 4 slit green chilies, 2 red chilies, and a handful of coriander leaves now grind it as fine paste

Now heat a Tagine pot, I have used a Kamsah Tagine pot,

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Now add 2tsp of oil, add whole garamasalas (cardamom pods 2 cinnamon sticks, bay leaf, cloves, star anase,and add green chilies and one finely chopped onion and sauté well and now add the grinded paste and sauté well until raw smell goes now add 2 tomatoes which is finely chopped and now add the marinated chicken and cover and cook on medium flame stir in between and after 15 mints add 1 glass water and cook it until 2 hours on medium flame and at last garnish with coriander leaves.

All you still have to do is to serve it in this beautiful versatile vessel, and enjoy 😊




Recipe prepared by New Jersey based home chef Sravanni Chinni.