WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (September 18th, 2015) –Whether you are dining poolside in Beverly Hills or taking a stroll along the beach in Malibu, it seems everyone in Los Angeles is adopting the latest product that does the work of everything form a towel to a tablecloth. So what exactly is a Fouta?


The Fouta is a thin article of fabric now prevalent in many Mediterranean countries that was originally designed for use in the 19th-century saunas of Tunisia and Syria. Easily machine washable, the Fouta is generally made of 100% cotton or linen fabric and comes in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors. However, the true differentiator for the Fouta is its multifaceted use. Today, various sizes of Foutas are used for everything from a towel to a body-wrap to a tablecloth to a decorative throw. Foutas are now transforming into a lifestyle movement in Southern California, as young men and women adopt the fabrics as towels for the beach, pool, sauna or bath, or the perfect picnic blanket to make an outdoor lunch more sophisticated.

Not only for traveling, the Fouta is also being used more commonly throughout the home, whether as a throw to spice up a chair or a tasteful tablecloth. Whatever the activity, it is likely that a Fouta can add to the experience. Kamsah offers Foutas in a variety of colors and sizes, from raw white and pomegranate red to lime green and Mediterranean blue. Unlike many others jumping on the Fouta craze, all of Kamsah’s products are composed of 100% naturally-harvested fabrics. In addition, all are guaranteed to be made by loving hands in small craft shops, not heartless factory floors. This is truly the next-generation do-it-all article that will go wherever life takes you. Pick up a Fouta and discover the freedom of what you can accomplish.