Tis’ the season for good tidings, family, gifts, good food, and…. Stress? According to a 2015 Healthline survey, 65 percent of people surveyed from generation X and 61 percent of millennials feel some stress during the holidays. 62 percent of baby boomers surveyed also admitted to feeling stressed during the holidays. It’s true that staying calm during the holiday season is not always easy. During the holidays, you may feel like you spend most of your time running around between gift shopping, errands, and holiday parties. The holiday season can certainly bring about a surprising amount of stress. There are ways to combat the stress of the holidays and experience more of the bright side of the season… Start by claiming the holiday season as your own. Take time for the traditions that you truly enjoy and give yourself permission to take a break from the things you don’t enjoy. Even people who generally love the holiday season, do not enjoy the crowded shopping experience and long lines that come along with gift purchasing. Give gifts that are meaningful to you and have special significance that will be appreciated by the receiver. The added sentiment will be greatly appreciated by friends and family. Shopping from the comfort of home is a sure way to free yourself of the holiday traffic and shopping mayhem in order to make more time to enjoy family and friends. Many stores offer online specials available throughout the holiday season. Kamsah specializes in handmade artisan crafted designs that are a perfect special gift. Gifts can be shipped throughout the US and internationally. Next, it’s important to actively destress during the holidays. Schedule some time for exercise and meditation to keep your mind and body healthy during the holiday hustle and bustle. Exercise can boost the immune system, regulate blood pressure, and help stave off any extra pounds from the holiday goodies. Exercise also releases endorphins that will aid in combating any stress related holiday blues. Meditation is a great way to stay calm and focused. It can also help regulate blood pressure and support more restful sleep at night.

With all of the extra tasks, events, and parties that come along with the holiday season it is important to take time for reflection. As the end of the year rolls upon us, the holidays can be a great time to reflect on the ending year and to set some goals for the upcoming year. Make it a priority to spend an hour or so in quiet reflection. Use the time to write down your accomplishments from the year and write down what you hope to accomplish in the year ahead. Finally, one of the most powerful ways to combat holiday related stress is to look on the bright side- The good news about the holidays is that research has shown that most people also experience enhanced positive emotions throughout the holiday season. The American Psychological Association published a study revealing that even during the stress of the holidays, positive emotions also run very high. 75% of res​​earch participants reported experiencing a feeling of love during the holidays and 78% reported feelings of happiness caused by the holidays. While you may not be able to eliminate 100% of holiday related stress, focusing on the good parts such as being with loved ones and sharing meaningful gifts, can help shift the balance to even more positive emotions.