Better tasting food is a natural result of cooking in a Tagine, and the reason is not what you think!





Tagines have existed for thousands of years, more on that in a following #TagineTuesday blog, and they have been enchanting hungry crowds all over the world ever since.





Tagine used as a decorative piece in Los Angeles, CA by a happy client (Photo credit: David D)

Although, there are many reasons that make Tagine-made food very yummy such as the steam recirculation due to the cone shaped lid, or the lower heat source needed as Tagines heat up evenly in all the volume sealed by the bottom pot and the lid, which preserves the nutrients by recirculated most of them back towards the food being cooked and many more… it turns out there is yet another reason that makes the food taste better when you use your Tagine to cook it and it is due to: Chemistry!


Chemistry in here does not mean getting along with your beautiful cooking vessel, but rather the chemical composition of the clay out of which the Tagine is made.


Tagine-made Indian Chickpea Curry

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Tagines are made from natural earthenware clay, which is alkaline, it allows for PH level adjustments in your food which in turn enhances the flavor of your food and makes. On top of that, adjusting the acidity level of the food makes it healthier as it is less prone to have high toxins potency and food is more likely to keep nutrients when it is not highly acidic.


All of Kamsah Tagines are 100% lead-free and California Prop 65 compliant.