When celebrating a traditional holiday with a history of many years, it is easy to modernize or lose touch of how it was originally celebrated. Here are five myths and facts that you might not know about Ramadan:

Myth 1: Muslims are able to drink during fasting.

Fact 1: Any fluid intake including water actually breaks the fasting period.


Myth 2: Fasting during Ramadan only consists of cutting out foods and drinks.

Fact 2: Fasting has developed a different meaning to each individual person. Traditionally, fasting also included different distractions such as going on social media, watching TV or even listening to music!

Myth 3: The holiday requires that Muslims fast for all 30 days.

Fact 3: “Saum” (fasting) is the well-known name for the fast which only inhibits Muslims to eat and drink during the day.

Myth 4: Fasting is the most important pillar of Islam.

Fact 4: There are five pillars of Islam that are all equally important to fasting which are profession of faith, prayer, alms and pilgrimage.


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