When celebrating Passover, a certain Jewish ceremonial dinner called Seder is made during the first couple nights of this important holiday. Many traditional dishes are cooked in light of Seder like Matzo Ball soup. This chicken soup consists of soup dumplings that contain eggs, chicken fat and broth. Another traditional dish is Beef Brisket. When baking the brisket in a pan, some vegetables like carrots, onion, celery, and garlic are thrown into the pan. With a toss of thyme and other herbs, the dish becomes ready to serve.

A third traditional dish is potato kugel, also known as a baked pudding. This dish can

either be made with normal potatoes or sweet potatoes. The potatoes are shredded into long strips and thrown in with eggs, onions, potato starch and lots of seasoning. From there it is baked and served! 

When setting up the table for Seder, there are a few other key symbols placed on the table. On a Seder plate, six symbols are prevalent: egg, horseradish, shank bone, greens, bitter herbs and a Charoset. Each symbol is meaningful like eggs actually represent the continuous cycle of life.

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