A city called Tataouine, located in Southern Tunisia has more secrets than you think. This city has been an attraction for all Star War fans since the first film was made there. The planet, Tatooine, featured in the film is actually based around Tataouine. This town not only is an iconic place recognized for its popularity in the film but its ability to continue to be where Berber tribes call home.

The traditional wear of the indigenous Berber tribes was prevalently represented through the Jawas in the film, wearing dark brown cloaks designed with pointed hoods. When looking at the places they reside, it is decorated with intricate architecture and many buildings have been turned into museums. In addition, members of Berber tribes keep their culture alive by speaking in their native language, Tamazight, and creating beautifully crafted hand made goods while cooking their delicious meals.

If you look closely at each hand made good the strong women of these indigenous Berber tribes make, there are scattered Berber symbols embedded into their hand made crafts. Indigenous Berber tribes try to keep their culture alive by speaking their native language, integrating different symbols in their products and respecting the land they live on. The connection between modern day film and Tunisia are much more closer than you think and at Kamsah, we believe in keeping the culture of Berber tribes alive.


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