In today’s world, it is easy to get caught up in the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. While cooped in our houses, it is easy to have a chaotic household, juggling between chores, cooking meals and sometimes being met with creating a workspace at home. Throughout history, Baber tribes scattered throughout North Africa in the Mediterranean sea have believed in the notion that placing symbols across certain home decoration items like rugs, lamps and ceramic dishware helps with the flow of positive energy throughout the household. 


This concept is prominent in both eastern culture in Asia as well as the Western one and the Yin Yang theory, which is a theory that everything in the universe is either feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) and when creating balance within the household, objects need to be harmonious in order to create a flow of calmness. To learn more about this, please visit The Spruce:  


When looking closely at the Mediterranean home décor, you might find another secret hidden from Berber tribes: Different Berber symbols are weaved into rugs or hand painted onto ceramics from Tagines to mugs to mouth-blown glassware in order to give its owner positive energy, protection and balance within their lives. Let’s specifically talk about the bird symbol today: positive motif matched with the advantages of fighting against the “evil eye” (envious people’s negative energy) and the belief that it can protect its owner from certain illnesses or mental hardships. At Kamsah, we believe our products hold the same power as it does years ago being made from the gentle hands of artisans and enriched in design.  


In your day to day tasks, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel good vibes in times of stress. We at Kamsah believe in incorporating some of these tried and tested techniques used for centuries by the Berber, into your home in order to not only keep traditions alive but give each customer the good energy that comes with each home decoration. Whether that be from our one of a kind hand painted sets to our gently weaved rugs, we believe that the power of Berber symbols will protect you from harm and bless your household with the flow of good energy.

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